From 1. to 5. December, my dearest Swedish friend and I went on a trip to Florence. A city that had always been on my radar, yet never made the cut when deciding on my next travel destination. The beginning of the Christmas season seemed like the perfect time to give this city a go and – oh boy – what a great decision it was.

Florence is like Rome’s little sister – nicer, quieter, more tidy but equally as exciting, historically and architecturally interesting and magical. Not only was it unreal to see the cathedral from Piazzale Michelangelo in all its glory and pink sunset light, but it was fantastic to experience and explore a city with a friend who feels like your own better half. I had brought my compact Olympus ยต[mju:]-II camera along to shoot the city on a b/w 35mm film and whilst I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I should have (I tried to enjoy it with my own eyes – not through a view finder) – I managed to snap some glorious moments that I would like to share. Enjoy.